PT Mayora Indah Tbk (Mayora), the manufacturer of one of the world’s top selling coffee-candy brands ‘Kopiko’, debuted ‘Kopiko Lucky Day’ ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee in the Philippines in January 2022. The new iced/RTD coffee is described as a strong and creamy iced Thai milk coffee* that will replace the company’s Kopiko 78’ iced/RTD latte.

The Indonesian company claims that Kopiko Lucky Day is made by specially roasting and blending selected coffee beans for a creamy and strong Thai iced coffee experience. The new drink has been introduced into the Philippines following launches in other regional markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Kopiko Lucky Day is targeted at working people who seek a strong caffeine boost, especially blue and white collar workers who typically work for long hours, or graveyard shifts, or undertake tedious or strenuous work, and seek an energising drink. The drink can gain strong appeal in the Philippines given that 20% of Filipinos in the age group of 25–34 years buy large portions of iced coffee, tea, and energy drinks, or buy it more frequently, as per the findings of GlobalData’s Q4 2021 consumer survey*.

The new drink is available at 7-Eleven stores, supermarkets, and convenience and retail stores for PHP20 ($0.39) for a 180ml bottle. Online stores, such as BG Group, also offer a discount for buying packs such as six-packs. Mayora is rolling out various promotional offers, such as lucky draws with a cash prize of PHP1 million ($19,524), to promote the new launch, and leveraging social media platforms extensively to reach out to digitally-savvy youth.

With a fresh wave of Covid-19 hitting the Philippines in early 2022, consumers are less likely to frequent cafés and restaurants, and may thereby opt for RTD coffees to satisfy their caffeine cravings. Kopiko Lucky Day can meet the consumer demand for convenient beverages at home, especially among those working or studying at home who lack the time or patience to make an iced coffee drink.

Subsequently, as the pandemic restrictions are lifted and public outdoor movement increases, the rising consumer proclivity for on-the-go refreshments will propel the demand for iced/RTD coffee drinks. The hot and humid tropical weather in the Philippines, and thriving café culture, are other underlying factors that will prop up the iced/RTD drinks category in the country. The launch of new products such as Kopiko Lucky Day, and the associated marketing activations, will continue to sustain consumer interest in the category.

*GlobalData Consumer Survey Q4 2021 – The Philippines (with 536 respondents)