A majority of meat-eaters (74%) are at least somewhat influenced by how ethical/environmentally-friendly/socially-responsible a food product is, according to GlobalData’s Q3 2018 global consumer survey.

While this is notably lower than those following a vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian diet (87%), it still represents an important trend.

Launching vegan alternatives may not be enough to please consumers; brands’ meat products are also affected by the ethical consumption trend, as GlobalData results reveal that ethical factors are also influential for meat eaters when it comes to food choices.

Brands like KFC are working to address ethical concerns surrounding their meat-based selection of products, by committing to the European Chicken Commitment.

This would mean that birds are given more space, natural daylight and environmental ‘enrichment’, in the form of perches and objects to peck. Animal welfare campaigns have tried to tackle animal cruelty in the fast food business, and this step by KFC may encourage and ease the way for other fast-food franchises to follow suit.