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Foodservice Twitter round-up: Jay Rayner on wine pricing in restaurants top tweet in Q3 2021

The top tweets were chosen from influencers as tracked by GlobalData’s Influencer Platform, which is based on a scientific process that works on pre-defined parameters.

How to attract German travellers in the ‘new normal’

As the largest outbound source market globally in 2020, German travellers will be attractive to tourism-related organisations.

Sustainable experiences need to be pushed in gastronomy tourism

As gastronomy tourism continues to grow with the focus on local experiences, sustainability should be taken into consideration to further boost recovery.

Gastronomy tourism industry needs to convince travellers of safe return

Authentic gastronomy tourism is all about exploring local food markets in seek of fresh produce, conversing with locals to find the best local eateries and attending famed wineries in groups to see how the product is made.

Japanese millennials opt to ‘stay home’, reinforcing need for ‘insperiences’

Golden Week, which started on 29 April, gets its name due to a cluster of Japanese national holidays and is big business in Japan.

Korean cuisine and culture craze continue to sway South East Asia

Since it began sweeping the region from the turn of the century, the South Korean culture wave (‘hallyu’) has gained a mass following in South East Asia through its pop music (K-Pop), movies, television series (K-drama) and games.

Top foodservice critics influencers in Q3 2020: The top individuals to follow

GlobalData research has found the top foodservice critics influencers based on their performance and engagement online.

McDonald’s to trial ‘plant burger’ in Canada

McDonald’s have usually fared poorly when launching health-driven products. For example, ex-CEO Don Thompson claimed its salads account for less than 3% of sales.

Burger King unveils café subscription, but will the competition wake up and smell the coffee?

Rather than going after its direct competitor McDonald’s, Burger King has instead targeted Starbucks.