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Amazon Halo: Will the company’s foray into the wearables market be a success?

Amazon has officially entered the wearable device market, with the launch of its new wellness service Amazon Halo, which combines “a suite of AI-powered health tools” with the Amazon Halo Band.

Can the challenger bank from Natwest prove its Mettle?

With the closure of numerous bank branches around the UK as a result of lockdown measures, as well as a rapid shift online as remote working becomes the norm for many, it would be easy to assume that digital banking has fared well during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kaspersky: Covid-19 has created a “perfect storm” for cybercriminals

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a “perfect storm” for scammers and hackers, with smaller businesses facing a significant threat, experts from Kaspersky have warned.

Contact tracing apps: “It’s better to do it right than quick”

Last month it was announced that the UK would be making a sudden u-turn on its contact tracing strategy, adopting a Bluetooth-powered decentralised contact tracing app using a framework developed by Apple and Google instead of the centralised app that was being developed by NHSX.

How machine learning and IoT can help the world’s poorest people

Plummeting cost-to-compute is making machine learning and IoT applications more accessible than ever. Here’s why that could benefit soceity’s poorest.

Is a robot about to steal my job?

Future of Work 2019: The pace of change is certainly faster than the industrial revolution, but changes are likely to occur over 20 to 40 years.

Future of semiconductor industry: Ten companies predicted to succeed

Intel is the company which is best placed to succeed in the semiconductor sector, according to exclusive theme-based analysis.

UK businesses optimistic about data regulation, but Brexit is a different story

Cloud data services NetApp’s surveyed IT decision-makers across 501 UK-based businesses to gauge their reactions to GDPR and Brexit.

Cybersecurity for good: SecurityScorecard provides free tools to NGOs

SecurityScorecard has launched Project Escher, an initiative to provide complimentary access to its security rating platform to NGOs.

Large-scale study reveals what Gen Z wants from a digital world

Digital natives, socially conscious, and a growing market of young consumers, Gen Z refers to those born between 1996 and 2015.