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Covid-19 and inflation spiral boost demand for foodservice robots in East Asia

Foodservice robots have been adopted in East Asia and demand is even more increased in the aftermath of Covid-19 and spiralling inflation.

Pilot tests of Meituan’s aerial drone food delivery fleet in China cross milestone

Drone deliveries can ease the delivery fleet’s workload and improve cost-efficiency.

UK’s fish and chip shop crisis calls for menu diversification

Current supply chains are no longer sustainable for fish and chip shop owners so they must find alternative suppliers.

Cybersecurity is a mission-critical business risk often overlooked in foodservice

As restaurants’ systems transform digitally, new components to systems make them more vulnerable to cyber-crime.

Fast-food chains’ localised Ramadan menus in Asia show promising market for MNC

With Covid-19 restrictions being relaxed in most countries, foodservice companies are striving to bring guests back to restaurants.

Kirin Holdings designs taste-enhancing chopsticks for those moderating salt intake

The chopstick from Kirin Holdings could aid consumers who want to reduce their salt intake by enhancing the salty taste of food.

Chipotle’s digitalisation is changing the Future of Work in foodservice

Chipotle’s ongoing digital transformation is proving that automation in the industry is a positive for both workers and businesses.

NYC’s Sweet Truth Act empowers consumers by targeting restaurants’ ‘hidden’ sugars

The bill aims to help people identify ‘hidden’ sugars that otherwise were not easily accessible.

Boparan Restaurant Group’s subsidiary, Slim Chickens, pilots service robots in the UK

As explained by Pudu Robotics, the KettyBot is a “marketing expert on wheels”.