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The rise of the “hermit consumer” continues to stall foodservice recovery in 2024

In Western Europe alone, foodservice transactions are down 9% for dine-in meals and up 23% for takeaways in 2023 compared to 2019.

Vertical farming shows profitable success in the US

A successful example of this approach is Bowery Farming based in the US.

Politically motivated regulation adds to plant-based market challenges

Europe has shown resistance to animal alternatives from political and meat and dairy industry groups, despite the popularity of these products among European consumers.

NotCo exits chilled market to focus on shelf-stable

Plant-based milk that is shelf-stable can last up to 18 months longer than fresh plant-based milks.

Rise of private-label boosts “fake-away” trend

With 54% of UK consumers ordering takeaway less frequently or stopping altogether, prepared meals marketed to imitate takeaways can fill the gap.

Ghost kitchens – a vital foodservice strategy in Asia and US

For ghost kitchens to thrive, they need to provide a business model that satisfies consumers who prefer to order from home or dine in.

Paulaner seeks to expand into the British beer-loving culture 

The Bavarian beer company is looking to expand into the UK, which was the third-largest bar and pub market globally in 2022.

Tomato price rise in India creates new challenges for QSR players

Key international QSR chains have responded to the price rises by taking tomatoes off the menu.

Roark Capital takes on a challenging asset with Subway acquisition

Subway has to reckon with an increasingly competitive and saturated sandwich-based quick service restaurant market, particularly in the US.