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Filing Analytics

Food Sector Filing Sentiment Score (Last 12 months)

Food Sector Trending Regions in Company Filings (Last 12 months)

Source: GlobalData Filing Analytics Database

Top 10 Food Companies Filing Themes - 2020 Vs. 2019 and Top Companies in 2020

Top 10 Themes 2020 Rank 2019 Rank Top 5 Companies with Themes Mentions in 2020
Geopolitics 1 2 Spur Corporation Ltd  |   The Restaurant Group Plc  |   Soho House UK Ltd
M&A 2 1 The Restaurant Group Plc  |   Spur Corporation Ltd  |   Soho House UK Ltd
Emerging Economies 3 3 Spur Corporation Ltd  |   Soho House UK Ltd
Climate Change 4 4 The Restaurant Group Plc
Cloud 5 5 Spur Corporation Ltd
Workplace Safety 6 6 The Restaurant Group Plc
Cybersecurity 7 7 The Restaurant Group Plc  |   Spur Corporation Ltd
Big Data 8 9 The Restaurant Group Plc
Workplace Diversity 9 N/A The Restaurant Group Plc
Internet of Things 10 10 The Restaurant Group Plc
Source: GlobalData Filing Analytics Database

Food Sector Filing Mentions (Last 12 months)

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