17 Aug 2022

Global FDI Annual Report 2022: Volatility set to continue

The Global FDI Annual Report 2022, produced by GlobalData/Investment Monitor, shows the number of greenfield foreign direct investment (FDI) projects grew by 18% in 2021, totalling 16,516. This was just shy…

10 Aug 2022

FDI drivers in 2022: ESG

Embracing environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria is rising in importance as a driver of foreign direct investment (FDI), with investors increasingly taking into account such criteria as part of…

27 May 2021

Growing pains: new issue of just-food out now!

From the first agricultural revolution in 10,000 BC to the age we find ourselves in now, technological advancements in food production have enabled human civilisations to thrive. So, what new…

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