US-based hospitality company Briad Restaurant Group has partnered with Ingenico Group and Posera to deploy a pay-at-the-table restaurant solution in its Friday’s franchises and Zinburger wine and burger bar locations across the US.

Posera’s SecureTablePay is a EuroPay, MasterCard and VISA (EMV) compliant solution that is claimed to increase table turn, reduce chargebacks and make payment operations faster.

Briad first implemented the SecureTablePay system in autumn last year at a Friday’s location in Woodridge, New Jersey. This was further expanded to two Zinburger restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia.

“We wanted to implement EMV at our restaurants, but were waiting for the right pay-at-the-table solution.”

As part of the latest deal, SecureTablePay will be integrated alongside Ingenico Group’s payment technology to improve the dining experience of the company’s restaurants. The combined pay-at-the-table solution is expected to enhance the efficiency of Briad’s restaurants and eliminate the need to process card payments manually.

Briad’s information systems director Tom Cornell said: “We wanted to implement EMV at our restaurants, but were waiting for the right pay-at-the-table solution. Once we piloted SecureTablePay at one of our Friday’s locations, we saw chargebacks drop immediately.

“Lowering our costs was good enough for us to decide to deploy the SecureTablePay and Ingenico Group solution, the positive feedback we got from customers was icing on the cake.

“Our servers like using it too, as it allows them to spend more time at their customers’ tables and less time going back and forth to their terminals.”

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Briad’s owns licensed franchisees, including Wendy’s, Marriott and Hilton.