Global foodservice operator Elior Group has introduced a catering concept called MaCantine in France for the business and industry (B&I) sector of the contract catering market.

MaCantine offers catering solutions to guests with various gourmet choices. It is expected to serve 300 people a day.

Elior France B&I market CEO Jean-Yves Fontaine said: “With the mass Generation Y arrival in the workplace, the digital eruption and new collaborative ways of working, corporate habits and functions are changing.

“The relationship with food is also changing and the need to serve fresh, healthy and quality produce in an authentic working environment has become essential.

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“To this end, Elior has created MaCantine, a new catering concept designed to meet employees’ everyday working needs and wellbeing.”

MaCantine will include 12 culinary bricks under three categories, including the chefs’ savoir-faire, artisanal savoir-faire and guest services, each with an own visual identity, products and specific recipes, and a servuction.

“The relationship with food is also changing and the need to serve fresh, healthy and quality produce in an authentic working environment has become essential.”

The chefs’ savoir-faire features menus developed by Elior and partner chefs Michel Sarran and the teams of Ducasse Conseil featuring four different catering formats, which are la cuisine de chef, le barbecue, l’escale and mon mix.

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La cuisine de chef is an open or semi-open kitchen concept, le barbecue features grills and plancha dishes to offer guests new recipes. L’escale allows guests to make their own menu choices, while mon mix allows guests to compose their own personalised recipes with the help of a chef.

Artisanal savoir-faire features four different catering formats including le primeur, le four, la pâtisserie boulange, and le terroir.

Le primeur is an in-season fruit and vegetable stand, le four offers pizzas, pies and tarts, and oven dishes topped with melted cheese, and la pâtisserie boulange provides pastries made on the spot by a pastry chef. Le terroir is a catering solution designed to offer regional produce from France, as well as the rest of the world.

In addition, the company is offering four different catering formats under guest services category, including la boutique, MaCantine express, la table, and la brasserie m.

La boutique is an exclusively self-service offering, MaCantine express features all day’s specials in individual and takeaway format. La table allows guest to taste and share dishes, while la brasserie m is a restaurant concept offering regularly renewed short menu.