American restaurant group Momofuku has introduced two Ssäm Sauce flavours, Smoky and Spicy, which are available for retail distribution across the US and on Amazon.

The company has partnered with Springboard Brands, a platform from Kraft Heinz, to develop the new flavours using the original Ssäm Sauce. The two flavours are available for purchase along with the Original flavour.

Ssäm Sauce Original is a blend of gochujang Korean chilli paste, sake, miso, rice vinegar and soy sauce and can be used with noodles, burgers, pizza, fries and sandwiches.

“I seriously put Ssäm Sauce on everything so we’re really excited to see how people use it at home.”

Momofuku chef and founder David Chang said: “The flavours of Ssäm Sauce are part of Momofuku’s DNA. It’s something that we’ve served in the restaurants for 14 years, and it’s crazy to me that it will now be available across the US.

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“I seriously put Ssäm Sauce on everything so we’re really excited to see how people use it at home, especially now that we have the Spicy and Smoky flavours too.”

According to the company, Smoky flavour is developed for BBQ and Spicy flavour can be used with different foods including fried chicken, tacos and egg sandwiches.

Springboard Brands general manager Sergio Eleuterio said: “David Chang’s culinary influence is stronger than ever, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with him.

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“Korean sauces and flavours have become more and more infused in American cooking, and we are so excited to take a long-time staple in Momofuku’s pantry and introduce this as a staple in home kitchens across the country.”