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Growing pains: new issue of just-food out now!

In this issue: why vertical farms need to scale up to succeed, how CPG companies are using dark kitchens, new packaging formats combatting food waste, and more.

Where do you get your protein from? New issue of just-food out now!

In this edition: we look into the nascent alternative-seafood market in Asia, the latest use of fermentation in plant-based food, the importance of driving down the cost of cell-based meat, and much more.

Home is where the work is in the new normal

Lucy Britner investigates how will Covid-19 will shape Big Food’s long-term approach to home and office working, and what impact will these changes have on innovation and company culture.

Producing the goods: Covid-19’s impact on food manufacturing

How could the virus shape, in the longer term, how food companies organise their manufacturing and the products they offer? Simon Creasey explores.

Alive and kicking: which health trends will continue post-pandemic?

Andy Coyne looks at the health claims made for food products during the Covid-19 crisis and asks whether such products will still be with us in a few years’ time.

Post-pandemic predictions: new issue of just-food out now!

In this edition, we take a look at what a post-pandemic landscape for the food industry might look like.

Algae in bloom: an ingredient for the future

Many have touted algae as a vital ingredient for the future, and this year has seen some promising developments, thanks in no small part to the plant-based explosion, as Peter Nilson highlights.

Biggest influencers in foodservice in Q3 2020: who to follow

Using the GlobalData Influencer platform, we’ve named ten of the most influential foodservice chefs on Twitter, based on their performance and engagement during Q3 2020.

A healthy boom: new issue of just-food out now!

In this edition: how the pandemic has sharpened focus on healthy ageing, a challenge to reduce sugar in chocolate, kefir’s prospects in the UK and collagen-enhanced food’s durability in the US.

A new landscape: new issue of just-food out now!

In this issue: the next steps for sustainable palm oil, a look into chlorinated chicken and how Uber Eats and Kraft Heinz are planning for life after lockdown.