Sugar Awareness Week 2018 is arguing sugar-loaded Freakshakes should be banned – they are wrong to do so.

Campaign group Action on Sugar has urged the government to ban unhealthy drinks and implement a traffic light system in an effort to reduce children’s sugar intake.

Freakshakes are a trend that arrived from Australia in 2016. It is a mashup of drink, dessert and toppings, and now occupies menu space in many restaurants and chains.

Action on Sugar found one of these drinks contained up to 39 teaspoons of sugar, which is six times the recommended daily amount of sugar for seven to 10 year olds and 9g over the limit for adults.

Education is better than restriction

Though banning one product may seem the ideal solution to reducing sugar consumption, it does not prevent the consumer from eating an array of other sugary foodstuffs.

Instead of focusing on banning ‘unhealthy’ foods, consumers should be educated on nutrition and foods to ensure they can make knowledgeable decisions. Compelling businesses to include nutritional information on menus would make this easier.

Freakshakes can be made healthier

Most of the enjoyment from Freakshakes comes from the enormity of the product and the mix of flavours. Because of this, Freakshakes have already been adapted with a host of different themes such as Oreos, Nutella and even Rainbow Cake. However, given sugar and calories are the issue, businesses should be encouraged to adapt these recipes to be healthier. While ‘healthy’ freakshakes are something that bloggers have started to post online, we’ve yet to see any major companies offer similar.

The next dessert fad is on its way

Freakshakes are the latest trend in interesting foods and desserts that have been driven by the Instagram generation. The photographic nature of the product has made it an ideal option to post on social media, which has driven its popularity in recent years.

While banning milkshakes which contain over 300 kcals (with Freakshakes averaging around 1,280 kcals) will reduce the sugar intake from one option, eventually another fad will supplant it.