US-based convenience retailer 7-Eleven has partnered with online ordering platforms Uber Eats, GrubHub and Instacart to expand its delivery portfolio.

The partnership will enable users of these ordering platforms to access products offered by 7-Eleven.

Customers can order items such milk, bread and eggs, pizza with a Slurpee drink, sandwiches and some 7-Select chips, coffee and a pastry, cold medicine, and grocery items.

Customers can order directly from 7‑Eleven, using the 7NOW delivery app, or through its seven other existing delivery partners, including Postmates, DoorDash, Google, and Favor in Texas.

In association with the platforms, the company is currently providing on-demand delivery to over 90 % of its US market.

7‑Eleven CEO Chris Tanco said: “When 7‑Eleven began offering delivery in 2017, we certainly didn’t foresee a pandemic accelerating on-demand ordering platforms from convenient to essential.

“This year, we’ve doubled our delivery footprint and quadrupled our daily delivery orders because customers know they can count on us for their necessities in about 30 minutes. We look forward to continuing to respond as our customers’ shopping behaviours rapidly change.”

Instacart, the most recent addition to the 7‑Eleven delivery portfolio, will begin offering 7‑Eleven products in the majority of its US markets by the end of the year.

7‑Eleven Digital vice-president and delivery head Raghu Mahadevan said: “Our customers crave convenience now more than ever.

“Today, that may mean ordering in more frequently because they’re staying home and avoiding crowds. But it could also mean delivering Slurpee drinks to the beach or ice to a socially distanced backyard barbecue.”