US corporate catering company Alchemista has expanded the availability of its artisanal ready-to-eat range, En Route, to customers in New York City, Boston and Washington, DC.

En Route is designed for office workers as an alternative to repetitive cafeteria food and the preservative-packed snacks.

The range features breakfast, handmade salads, grain bowls and sandwiches created by the company’s culinary team.

The menu includes carne asada fajita salad, pineapple and toasted coconut chia pudding, key lime yoghurt parfait, butternut squash and sage, autumn beet salad, vegetable ciabatta sandwich, and roast beef.

According to the company, the addition of En Route allows it to enhance clients’ food and beverage options irrespective of the company’s size or employees’ dietary preferences.

Alchemista CEO Christine Marcus said: “For years, companies have been providing food to their employees as a way to reward and retain, as well as to maintain efficiency in the workday by giving them the opportunity to break bread with colleagues but not having to venture offsite to find nourishment.

“But when one meal is offered at one time each day, we find that employees are wasting time waiting in line or not eating altogether because they aren’t hungry during the available window; with our healthful En Route offerings, we are able to not only increase worker efficiency but also employee happiness, as they can now actually spend time breaking bread with their colleagues at their desired time of day.”

Founded in 2012, Alchemista offers a range of foodservice programmes including recurring catering, complete snack programme solutions, one-time meal service, culture-building experiences, and branded treats.

In August, Alchemista added reusable tableware options such as reusable dishware, utensils and serving utensils to its corporate catering portfolio.