US-based full-service hospitality company Alchemista has introduced a new commissary in an effort to better serve the corporate catering market.

The Alchemista Commissary will expand the company’s catering menu assortment with the addition of own chef-created meals.

It also allows the company to customise menu options and increase the quality of the food served to their clients.

Alchemista founder and CEO Christine Marcus said: “Ordering food for an office has always been a challenge – from quantity to reliability, budgeting to presentation.

“With Alchemista, we solved those pain points for larger companies mainly in tech, pharma, and healthcare who, through our service, can order hassle-free, out-of-the-box weekly lunches for their staff at the cost of approximately $750/person/year.

“Our one limitation has been our ability to find restaurant solutions to satisfy all of our customer requests; no longer! Our ability to now offer our clients increased customization and inspired farm-to-table cuisine only further enhances the value of the benefit our clients are able to offer to their staff.”

The new commissary is a professional commercial kitchen located on a 6,000ft2 site in Malden, Massachusetts. It will be led by the company’s corporate chef Nevin Taylor.

Established in 2012, Alchemista works through a recurring model where clients commit to daily, weekly or monthly meals.

The company offer more than 35,000 meals a month with an average order size of 120 people to various clients including Ipsen, Draft Kings, GoDaddy and Black Duck Software.