Digital ordering technology provider for restaurants Applova has collaborated with Samsung Electronics US to launch an all-inclusive kiosk for the restaurant industry.

The company claims the turnkey solution will allow restaurants to streamline operations, capture more sales and hit profit targets.

The all-inclusive kiosk will offer contactless ordering and payment solutions, including quick service restaurants, cafes and casual diners.

Applova founder and CEO Dinesh Saparamadu said: “The Applova kiosk solution allows restaurants to engage with their customers in a way that elevates the experience for everyone involved — including their customers and staff.

“Our kiosks have proven to reduce queues, increase consumer spending, drive customer engagement and repeat orders through loyalty programmes, all while providing substantial business ROI.”

By integrating with Applova software, Samsung kiosks transform restaurants and help businesses deliver end-to-end automation to manage every aspect of transactional ordering.

The kiosks have high-definition touchscreens, card terminals and printers.

Applova’s intelligent user interface also provides customers with a personalised experience by making recommendations of targeted and relevant add-ons.

Samsung US b2b displays sales vice-president Chris Mertens said: “Elevating dining experiences is more than serving quality meals—restaurateurs must deliver fast service and build meaningful connections with their customers.

“Samsung’s partnership with Applova gives restaurant owners more opportunity to achieve these goals as it ensures patrons have more convenient and memorable interactions using the all-inclusive kiosk while simultaneously future-proofing their businesses to combat common challenges such as inflation, food waste, labour shortages and hiring.”