American food service company Aramark has entered a strategic partnership to expand Oath Pizza’s Certified Humane brand to new customers and locations.

As part of the deal, Aramark will serve customers on university campuses and in sporting arenas, offices and hospital cafés. It is also investing in Oath Pizza to support the partnership.

Aramark chief operating officer Victor Crawford said: “We innovate continually to enhance consumers’ food experiences with unique and on-trend culinary solutions that are also local and sustainable.

“This partnership will give Oath Pizza access to unique and exclusive dining options.”

“Our partnership with Oath will further enable us to provide a high-quality, convenient, healthy and personalised menu option, not to mention a great-tasting pizza with a purpose.”

The partnership will also allow Oath Pizza to expand its presence by opening new locations by the end of this year, as well as its pizza offering to more customers across the US.

Under the partnership, Oath Pizza opened locations in businesses and hospital cafés served by Aramark and plans to open sites on college campuses this month.

Oath Pizza CEO Patrik Hellstrand said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Aramark to scale up and reach new audiences.

“This partnership will give Oath Pizza access to unique and exclusive dining options to bring our certified humane and ethically sourced pizzas to a greater number of people who love delicious food and want to feel good about their eating decisions.”

Oath Pizza currently operates locations in the Boston, Washington, DC and New York City, offering a range of menu items such as Bella and Spicy Mother Clucker pizzas.