Baristas Coffee Company is all set to open the first Munchie Magic virtual restaurant in Seattle, US, for at-home delivery.

Munchie Magic will feature Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Baristas coffee products together with other snacks. The store will initially be available to customers in selected regions near Seattle.

Ben & Jerry’s is the super-premium brand in the US while Baristas Coffee is the brand for white coffee.

Upon the establishment and testing of scalable processes, the virtual restaurant is expected to further expand.

Munchie Magic does not require physical locations and will allow national unified branding.

At the new restaurant, all menu items are for delivery only and will be fulfilled by partner distribution locations. Deliveries would be carried out by its delivery partners.

The programme is initially scheduled to begin launch on 8 November in the Seattle area, to help refine the processes and allow the quick expansion of the restaurant into other regions.

Baristas Coffee Company CEO Barry Henthorn said: “By opening the first virtual restaurant location literally in our own backyard, we will be able to closely monitor and refine our policies and procedures and adapt quickly to what we learn.

“We feel that pairing Baristas products with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream will hit the sweet spot of our target market and we are very excited about expanding very rapidly to other regions.”

Last month, Baristas signed a Ben & Jerry’s partnership agreement with Unilever and Ice Cream Now to develop and implement a network for the delivery of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Baristas Coffee products to homes and businesses throughout America.