US-based restaurant chain Blaze Pizza has adopted restaurant technology company Qu’s unified commerce platform to support growth and enhance operational efficiency across the franchise system.

The aim is to improve order accuracy and kitchen fulfilment using Qu’s cloud-native system.

The solution is expected to help collect data, decrease labour costs and minimise food waste.

These advantages will improve user experience and increase cost savings, supporting Blaze’s growth.

Qu unifies data and improves user experience on the front end, which will be essential for Blaze’s plan to scale its operations rapidly over the next five years.

The implementation of Qu’s platform comes after a successful pilot programme at several corporate and franchised restaurant chain locations.

Blaze Pizza CEO Beto Guajardo said: “The advanced and forward-looking nature of Qu’s cloud computing and real-time access to data makes it so much easier to get a holistic view of our operations and efficiency.

“We’ve already seen a marked improvement in revenues and guest experience through fewer lost orders and higher order accuracy.”

The company will leverage Qu’s solution to stabilise its system-wide operations with single-menu management across all channels.

Qu will also assist in data normalisation, price customisation and creating a centralised administrative portal for better enterprise control.

Blaze will use Qu’s mobile reporting and voice-enabled app Notify to help franchisees, management and corporate staff quickly access store-level data related to sales, inventory and labour across the system.

The app provides artificial intelligence (AI) enabled alerts related to these metrics.

Qu’s foundational data engine provides a scalable, 360° view of the enterprise and enables store managers to make faster and more effective decisions.