US-based foodservice distributor Shamrock Foods has chosen Brandmuscle to provide software-driven menu design and print solutions.

By making use of BrandMuscle’s Intelligent Local Marketing Platform, Shamrock Foods will be able to order, approve and keep a track of custom-designed menus, which will serve as a value-added service for its customers.

With this platform, brands and their local marketing partners can deliver a better marketing impact to each individual customer.

Shamrock Foods customer experience senior director Emily George said: “We strive to be more than just a food distributor to our restaurant operators.

“Offering culinary inspiration and the business solutions to strengthen restaurant operations is an important part of our consultation with customers.

“Therefore, we need a partner who understands the evolving needs of the restaurant industry and values quality, efficiency and trusted relationships as much as we do.”

Shamrock Foods said that its customers will now benefit from the expertise of the BrandMuscle team, which develops effective menus.

It said that offering BrandMuscle’s custom menu design will provide a touchpoint for sales consultants and would also allow them to help operators in keeping their design fresh and up to date with the latest industry trends.

George further added: “Since BrandMuscle has worked with some of the biggest food and beverage distributors in the industry for over 20 years, we are confident that working with them will be a huge asset for our customers and will complement the suite of consultative services we provide.”

In addition to restaurants, Shamrock Foods offers its services to healthcare, hospitality and institutional foodservice customers located across the Western US region.