Burger King is set to trial a post-lockdown app for ordering food and booking a table in three of its restaurants in Milan, Italy.

The plans to test the app come as the chain seeks to persuade locals it is safe to eat out again, following the coronavirus lockdown for more than two months.

The app testing will start as soon as the outlets are allowed to fully reopen, which is expected from 1 June.

Prior to making their way to the restaurant, customers can use the app to order food, pay and book a table from home and also to book a takeaway order.

Burger King chief in Italy Andrea Valota said: “We need to be good at showing people that it is safe to come to a place, which is perceived as being crowded, and give them options so they understand there is a safe way to come in.”

Valota added that the app could be used in other countries once it is proved successful.

Burger King serves an average of 11 million people on a daily basis in 25,000 restaurants globally. The company is concerned that people will stop coming to its restaurants due to social distancing rules and fear of contagion.

In Italy, the chain serves 20 million people a year on average.

After the government imposed tight restrictions on people’s movements and forced closure of businesses and shops in early March, almost all of Burger King’s 220 outlets in Italy have been closed.

After that, approximately 40 restaurants were gradually reopened for home delivery during the lockdown period.

The chain has been selling burgers at drive-through points since 4 May after some restrictions were lifted and approximately 4.5 million people in the country returned to work.