The Government of Canada has committed to help foodservice businesses in order to reduce their carbon footprint with the launch of its Climate Action Incentive Fund.

Foodservice industry association Restaurants Canada welcomes the government’s new incentive programme that will help their operations.

Canada Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna introduced two new proposed programmes to assist small and medium-sized businesses in saving money through energy efficiency initiatives, as well as contribute to the country’s target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of the Climate Action Incentive Fund, small and medium-sized businesses across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick could receive refunds between 25% and 50% on the cost of new energy-saving equipment such as fridges, dishwashers, heating and cooling equipment, anti-idling devices and high efficiency boilers.

The businesses will also receive funding of up to 25% of eligible costs for energy-efficient retrofits and other projects to improve energy efficiency.

Restaurants Canada Federal and Quebec vice-president David Lefebvre said: “Canadian restaurateurs recognise that sustainability is important to their success. But with their average profit margin being less than 5%, environmental policies must encourage choices that help not hurt their operations.

“Restaurants Canada applauds the federal government for taking steps to help foodservice businesses continue working toward sustainable growth.”

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As part of its Low Carbon Economy Fund Partnerships stream, the federal government plans to support smaller projects from small and medium-sized businesses across the country.

The total funding will be approximately $10m to support businesses to make investments in improving energy efficiency, reduce pollution and save money.

“Canadian restaurateurs recognise that sustainability is important to their success.”

In addition, the federal government has invited Restaurants Canada to participate in an External Advisory Committee.

The committee is formed to offer practical advice to help refine and improve the ongoing delivery of Climate Action Incentive Fund programmes for small and medium-sized businesses.

In February, Restaurants Canada launched a campaign to help improve conditions for catering and hospitality businesses in Alberta.