Contract food service management firm Chartwells Higher Education has expanded its on-campus food delivery programme at the University of Houston (UH).

The company will offer additional retail concepts and delivery locations on campus using new technology to save time.

This expansion builds on the on-campus delivery pilot programme introduced by the University of Houston Dining Services earlier this year.

The UH programme allowed students to pre-order and pre-pay for customised sandwiches from Mondos eatery and included delivery to frequently visited locations.

As part of the latest deal, the dining team at the university will work with Chartwells to add more retail concepts for on-demand delivery and increase the number of delivery locations.

The team has gathered data regarding the most visited spots during various meal times in order to determine the best drop off points for delivery. This will help serve a maximum number of students and create operational efficiencies for the delivery fleet.

University of Houston programme director Rosie Ashley said: “The delivery programme launched by UH Dining offered the convenience we were looking for to make student’s lives easier and help them save time during the day and still have access to meals.

“The integration with our meal plan system allowing students to pay with their declining balance dollars was also a benefit.”

According to Chartwells Higher Education marketing and communications vice-president Salli Darden, the company expects to expand this delivery concept to other campuses around the country.

Darden added: ‘The model tested and created by the University of Houston dining team, is flexible and nimble enough to execute on campuses of all sizes and needs.”

Chartwells currently offers contract dining services within 290 college and university dining environments of various academic institutions across the US.