Checkers Drive-In Restaurants (Checkers), a chain of double drive-thru restaurants in the US, has said that it is working with federal law enforcement authorities to eliminate a malware that initially affected some Checkers and Rally’s locations in May this year and another site later in October.

The company said that it is coordinating with the authorities in their investigation into the issue.

After an investigation by data security experts, the company determined that the malware was re-installed at several locations the company previously identified as being affected by the issue.

Based on its investigation, the company has determined that the malware attack in October was connected to the same person responsible for the issue that was identified on 29 May 2019, which enabled an unauthorised party to obtain the payment card data of some guests at this location.

The company said that the malware was designed to collect information from the magnetic stripe of payment cards. The information included name of the cardholder, payment card number, as well as card verification code and expiration date.

The company said that there has been no evidence of other personal information of the cardholder being affected by the issue.

Furthermore, the company said that not all Checkers and Rally’s restaurants and not all guests who visited the attacked restaurants during this period were affected by the issue.

The company said that it is also coordinating with the payment card companies to protect cardholders.

Checkers said that a list of the locations affected by the additional activity and their respective estimated dates of exposure was also made available.

The company has urged the guests to review their account statements and contact their financial institution or card issuer in case of any unauthorised charge on their card.

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, based in Tampa, Florida, operates and franchises Checkers and Rally’s restaurants, with approximately 900 restaurants across the US.