Heineken UK this week (10 April) unveiled its Greenpaper – a new initiative designed to boost on-trade by over £1bn in the next three years.

The culmination of over 100 pieces of qualitative and quantitative research, the international brewer said it is the “biggest piece” of category research it has “ever undertaken.”

Designed to help customers grow their businesses and generate “incremental value” in the marketplace, the Greenpaper identifies six growth drivers, listed below:

‘Let’s Get Together’ – Incremental Value £249M

Licensees should capitalise on existing events and create new occasions to drive footfall and maximise sales throughout the year, to create occasions that give people a reason to visit rather than stay at home.

‘Maximise The Core’ – Incremental Value £225M

Consumers are leading more flexible lifestyles with remote working, part-time hours and staycations. By maximising the occasions for which a pub or bar can be used throughout the day, licensees can maximise revenues. A pub’s atmosphere is the second most important reason for consumers choosing an outlet, so cannot be overlooked.

‘Great With Food’ – Incremental Value £189M

Food is a great way to entice consumers into the on-trade, so licensees should maximise consumer spending by pairing their food with ciders and beers on offer.

‘Live Better’ – Incremental Value £174M

As consumers attempt to lead healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, venues would benefit from offering “a range of healthier options,” such as no/ low alcohol drinks, natural and sustainably produced ciders and beers and healthy meals.

‘My Generation’ – Incremental Value £108M

18-24 year olds have a much greater choice of beers and ciders than previous generations, but many are still yet to find their favourite drink, bar or pub. This provides the opportunity for licensees to shout about why their outlet is relevant to them, and their friends.

On-trade visits by 18-24 year olds is falling year-on-year, with the number of times they drink out per week falling by 20% over the last decade. By offering the right range of products – identified by Heineken as “a balance between well-known brands available at reasonable prices as well as more unique choices” – licencees can reconnect with generation Y, and ensure that there is something for everyone.

‘We’re Worth It’ – Incremental Value £72M

One of the easiest ways to increase consumer spend is by encouraging them to try a more premium beer or cider. Licensees should try to ‘premiumise’ at every opportunity, which can be done by offering a range of mainstream and premium drinks at the right price points.

Jerry Shedden, category and trade marketing director at Heineken, said: “The six growth drivers are the starting point for all Heineken on-trade activations, so with the power of the best portfolio of ciders and beers, and our industry-leading expertise, we will be helping to bring the on trade back into growth.”