Premium iced-tea company Cooper Tea has introduced B.W. Cooper’s Organic Cold Brew Tea 11:1 Concentrate (CBTC) for restaurants, coffeeshops and other commercial foodservice applications.

This launch is claimed to be the first cold brew tea concentrate designed for the foodservice sector.

Cooper Tea sales and marketing executive director Colleen Norwine said: “Once the cold brew phenomenon moved beyond coffee and into tea, we started getting requests.

“We’re excited to be the first to provide a solution.”

“Everyone loved the taste of cold brewed tea and wanted to capitalise on the higher price point it commands; but there wasn’t a practical way for high-volume restaurants to serve it.  We’re excited to be the first to provide a solution.”

The tea company made its CBTC using organic black tea by steeping it in cold water to remove bitterness, whilst making it easy for use without any brewing.

Restaurants can add flavour syrups, fresh fruit or botanicals to provide the tea in signature and seasonal flavours.

CBTC is available for foodservice operators as concentrate in shelf-stable 32oz miniature milk jugs.

Each mini-jug of concentrate is capable of producing three gallons of cold brew tea. It can also be made in batches to reduce wastage. The company claims that the product is USDA-certified organic.

Established in 2003, Cooper Tea also offers B.W. Cooper’s Iced Brew Teas, claimed to be free from flavours, colours and high fructose corn syrup.