Restaurant enterprise technology platform Presto has launched free contactless dining kit for restaurants amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The newly launched kit provides the restaurants with contactless menu display, ordering and payment technology solutions.

It will enable guests to use their personal mobile devices to scan NFC tags and QR codes at restaurants to view a complete menu, place orders and pay with their phone at the table.

It eliminates the need for the guests to come in contact with any foreign surfaces or people outside their dining party while in the restaurant.

Using the application, guests can also check in online, view waiting time estimates and receive an alert when their table is ready.

Additionally, restaurants can integrate the Presto system with their loyalty programmes to offer an in-restaurant digital personalisation experience to their guests.

It will allow guests to sign in, see rewards, view past orders, store dietary preferences, customise orders and reorder their favourite items.

Presto founder and CEO RajatSuri said: “Every restaurant needs to find ways to make their guests and staff feel safe in the age of Covid-19 while remaining profitable and delivering an outstanding guest experience.

“We believe this contactless dining kit will enable restaurants to do all three of the above using best-in-class technology from Presto.”

The company noted that the kit uses its order and pay technologies, which is currently being used in the majority of the top 20 restaurant chains in the US.

Presto contactless dining kit can be launched within an hour and enables restaurants of all sizes to provide an end-to-end contactless dining experience to guests.

The company is tracking state and local regulations to help restaurants comply with local guidelines for reducing human contact.

Last year, Presto has secured $30m in financing to support its growth.