California-based fast-food chain Del Taco has launched Del’s Deal Value Meals priced at $5 for a limited period.

The new $5 Del’s Deal Value Meals includes some of Del Taco’s favourites, such as the Grilled Chicken Taco, the Bean & Cheese Burrito, the Snack Queso Quesadilla and the signature Queso Blanco or the classic Snack Taco.

Additionally, each meal includes crinkle-cut fries and a small drink.

Del Taco said that its Grilled Chicken Taco is made with freshly grilled and marinated chicken.

The Bean & Cheese Burrito is made with slow-cooked beans and weighs nearly half a pound.

Snack Queso Quesadilla is made with Del Taco’s signature Queso Blanco or the classic Snack Taco and freshly-grated cheddar cheese.

The restaurant is offering four new combos under the Deal Value Meals, including Snack Taco Del’s Deal, Grilled Chicken Taco Del’s Deal, Crispy Chicken Taco Del’s Deal and Bean & Cheese Del’s Deal.

Snack Taco Del’s Deal has three snack tacos.

The Grilled Chicken Taco Del’s Deal and the Crispy Chicken Taco Del’s Deal come with one crispy chicken taco while the Bean & Cheese Del’s Deal can be paired with two of Del’s favourite red or green sauces.

Del Taco chief marketing officer Tim Hackbardt said: “We already lead the fast food category with the largest value menu of any quick service restaurant with our ‘20 Under $2’ Menu and we will now lead the category with the new $5 Del’s Deal Value Meals.

“With inflation hitting America hard, we want to be viewed as the undeniable first choice for the value and variety guests are looking for.”