UK-based online food delivery company Deliveroo has partnered with restaurant intelligence platform Yumpingo to introduce a transformative guest sentiment solution technology.

Known as Yumpingo Go, the technology is designed to collect guest insights for independent restaurants specialising in one-to-five locations.

As part of the partnership, Deliveroo and Yumpingo worked together to collect consumer feedback in-moment and add machine learning to produce insights using the platform, which could transform restaurants, enhance experiences and grow sales.

Yumpingo CEO and founder Gary Goodman said: “With Yumpingo Go, the vibrant independent sector can now take advantage of our pioneering restaurant intelligence solution at an economical cost, and with very little time investment needed while yielding the measurable results our existing partners have seen.

“Deliveroo is a perfect partner to help deliver a new standard in restaurant intelligence to independent operators across the UK.”

In another development, the online food delivery company has partnered with restaurant technology provider eatsa to offer new suite of products for virtual restaurants and delivery-only operators.

“Deliveroo is a perfect partner to help deliver a new standard in restaurant intelligence to independent operators across the UK.”

Deliveroo is currently using eatsa’s solutions at its Deliveroo Food Market located at Editions in Singapore. The location is powered by eatsa’s fully-automated restaurant experience platform.

Omnichannel Intelligent Queue Software from eatsa allows virtual restaurant operators to offer down-to-the-minute order availability times based on real-time kitchen throughput, enabling them to enhance estimated delivery time.

The company’s hardware and software solutions allow delivery executives to know the location by sending the order status and pickup location to a driver’s app when they arrive at a virtual restaurant or delivery-only restaurant.

In addition, the company’s back of house and pickup systems track the driver’s journey enabling operators to maximise efficiency and improve dispatching.

A centralised kitchen management solution is designed to ingest orders from multiple channels and then route them back to the appropriate cook station or kitchen.

Based on live traffic and the size of the orders, it is also capable of sequencing orders in the kitchen.