Dine Brands has selected FreedomPay to advance the omnichannel checkout experience across its restaurants and online platforms.

The US-based full-service restaurant company will deploy FreedomPay’s Next Level Commerce platform across its restaurants, which include Applebee’s and International House of Pancakes (IHOP).

The FreedomPay solution will manage all in-person and online payments at Dine Brands’ restaurants across North America.

Dine Brands CIO Justin Skelton said: “FreedomPay provides us with a secure and robust platform and a comprehensive ecosystem of vendor partnerships while providing a customised user experience for our guests.

“We are excited to be undergoing this transition toward a new and improved payment solution.”

The restaurant company said that it has already started the implementation of FreedomPay’s commerce platform.

Currently, Dine Brands has more than 3,400 restaurants and 338 franchisees located in 16 countries.

FreedomPay’s Next Level Commerce platform is designed to combine businesses across properties, channels and regions within a single platform.

The platform also supports contactless payments, QR technology and digital wallet applications, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Furthermore, it offers a fully integrated end-to-end solution to enable secure payments, identity-as-a-service, loyalty and Business Intelligence.

FreedomPay president Chris Kronenthal said: “FreedomPay’s industry-leading commerce technology has transformed the payment experience for millions of consumers globally, and we’re excited to bring these next-level capabilities to Dine Brands’ restaurants.

“The partnership will bring a fast and secure transformational experience in-store and online.”

In January, Dine Brands International forged an agreement with Bahamas Limited to open 16 IHOP restaurants in the Caribbean region over the next few years.