US-based start-up Dishcraft has introduced an automated dishroom solution to transform commercial kitchens in the foodservice industry.

The new solution uses robotics, process innovation, and machine learning to sort, scrub, inspect, and rack dishes.

According to the company, the dishroom solution is designed to reduce the impact of cleaning dishes on food service.

The solution uses grey water and energy-efficient mechanisms to clean each dish individually and checks for remaining food residue using computer vision and machine learning to achieve a consistent level of quality.

Dishcraft CEO and co-founder Linda Pouliot said: “After learning about the problem created by a high dishwasher turnover rate, I worked in commercial dishrooms to experience their environment, culture, and operations first-hand.

“I saw an opportunity to solve the issues at hand through the use of robotic technology.

“The high employee churn is an indicator that these jobs are unpleasant and not desirable. By automating the dishroom, we are able to clean dishes shift over shift while transforming the role of the dishwasher into one that is simpler, easier, and has more growth opportunity.”

Headquartered in San Carlos, California, Dishcraft Robotics develops robotic solutions for commercial kitchens.

Led by co-founders Linda Pouliot and Paul Birkmeyer, the company raised more than $25m from investors including Baseline Ventures, First Round Capital, and Lemnos.

Dishcraft board member Rob Hayes said: “We are really excited about Dishcraft and the team behind the company. Building a hardware company from the ground up is a unique challenge, and Linda and Paul bring an incredible amount of expertise and experience in both robotics and business that will take Dishcraft far.”