Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, the biggest franchisee of Domino’s outlets outside the US, has collaborated with Picnic Works to study the impact of restaurant automation on customer and employee experience.

The two companies have teamed up in Berlin, Germany, to perform an innovation demonstration of Picnic Works’ Pizza Station in a Domino‘s store.

As part of this initiative, they will test Picnic Works’ automated pizza assembly system.

The Picnic Pizza Station was installed at Domino’s Tiergarten store, where employees were provided with training.

The firms will assess the impact of the assistive technology and the results of the trial using daily check-ins.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd Group managing director and CEO Don Meij said: “Our mission is to deliver customers hot, fresh meals, safely, at an affordable price, and we want to explore how we can empower team members by giving them the best tools and resources to make their jobs more efficient and rewarding.”

The trial will help Domino’s gain insight into how the new automated pizza station would benefit its employees in producing fresh, consistent pizza at the store.

Picnic Works said that its pizza station has been designed to automatically assemble the pizzas by applying sauce, cheese, freshly sliced pepperoni and other ingredients.

Picnic CEO Clayton Wood said: “As a global leader in pizza with more than 3,400 stores in ten markets, and the recent announcement it intends to acquire three more markets, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd has long been a pioneer in restaurant innovation.

“After many months of laying the groundwork for a robust and fruitful partnership, we’re thrilled to continue applying our award-winning food automation experience to help Domino’s further explore the benefits of automation.”