US-based coffee chain Dutch Bros has introduced a new, sweet and spicy drink, Mangonada Rebel, featuring Tajín across all of its locations.

The new drink is inspired by the Mexican treat of the same name and is a mix of Dutch Bros’ energy drink ‘Rebel’ and mangonada flavour, topped with strawberry and Tajín.  

It is made from a blend of natural chilli peppers, lime and sea salt. The Tajin adds a spicy touch.

The drink is available till the end of June 2023 and will come in blended or iced formats.

Tajín US brand marketing manager Juan Carlos Limon said: “Dutch Bros’ Mangonada Rebel is the perfect drink to showcase Tajín’s unique flavour composition and iconic tangy taste, combined with the sweet and refreshing Mango profile.”

“As Dutch Bros and Tajín lovers are now able to experience this one-of-a-kind pairing, we encourage all fans to share the love via social channels using the hashtag #TajinIt.”

Dutch Bros senior director of regional marketing Kristin Sha said: “When we first tested out the Mangonada Rebel last year in a few select markets, the hype and love for this drink was absolutely off the charts.”

“We have so much love for the Mangonada flavour profile and are so incredibly stoked to bring this drink to all the communities we serve!”

Last month, Dutch Bros introduced two limited-time top flavours to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

One of these flavours s the Lucky Clover Soft Top, which combines the fruity and sweet flavours of orange and blue raspberry with the coffee chain’s signature soft top.

The other flavour is Irish Cream Soft Top which blends Irish cream flavour with the brand’s signature soft top.