Fishbowl has launched two products to allow marketers to create customised experiences with guests to boost loyalty.

The latest products added to Fishbowl’s restaurant CRM functionality are Segmentation Builder and Member Profiler. Both of these products are powered by the Fishbowl Data Platform.

Fishbowl chief product and strategy officer Daniel Dreymann said: “Data insights are a fundamental component of Fishbowl’s offerings. Our technology integrates the knowledge of guest behaviors, enabling restaurants to become more engaged with guests, drive sales, increase traffic, and optimise brand loyalty.”

A marketing engagement tool, the Segmentation Builder creates particular target audiences according to members’ behaviour.

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On analysing profile and activity data, marketers will be able to create audience composed of individuals based on particular traits. These tailored segments will in turn lead to higher campaign response and redemption rates.

Fishbowl’s Member Profiler enables client users to access an individual guest’s full record of attributable data in the Fishbowl Data Platform.

“Our technology integrates the knowledge of guest behaviors, enabling restaurants to become more engaged with guests, drive sales.”

The profiles can not only be searched easily but also offer a complete view of each individual member’s data, including demographics, campaign responses, and promotions.

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This functionality offers ease and accessibility for one-on-one situations such as customer support.

Dreymann added: “2018 was an exciting year for Fishbowl as we have transformed our Guest Management Platform with enhancements to messaging through enterprise email and SMS, to loyalty with Rewards Manager, and now by enhancing our CRM functionality.”

By making use of omni-channel marketing automation, the guest management platform enables restaurants to reach their guests at touch points that the latter prefer.

This open SaaS platform enables easy integration with third parties such as manufacturers of POS systems, online ordering, and data warehouses.

Combining restaurant experience with data analytics, Fishbowl’s platform provides restaurants with insights that enables them to beat and sustain the competition.