Mobile and online technology provider Preoday has unveiled a feature called ClickThrough, which has been designed to offer enhanced food order and pay experiences to clients and partners.

ClickThrough allows the Preoday-powered menu ordering technology of a restaurant or a retailer to be accessed by a third-party app, enabling customers to place orders through any platform.

The feature allows customers to access any menu of a food outlet on the platform through a connected third-party app.

All orders placed using the platform will be processed at the back-end to sequentially pull them to a single order screen, which can be accessed by the outlet’s staff.

“ClickThrough enables Preoday to act as a technology hub for both an operator and a third-party platform.”

The client dashboard analyses customer data and arranges it by ordering channel, basket value, order frequency and product allowing foodservice operators to access it through the platform.

Preoday CEO Nick Hucker said: “ClickThrough enables Preoday to act as a technology hub for both an operator and a third-party platform.

“In this role, we expect to see the relationship between all parties enriched, as operators enjoy the opportunity to promote their branded technology in additional channels and gain access to a partner’s customer base, while the partner gets fresh opportunities to grow that base.

“The technology is unique; there’s no one else offering this solution to our market and yet there are clear and obvious benefits to be reaped by all parties. We look forward to connecting clients to their perfect partner platforms in the coming months.”

The company also noted that the integration with Preoday’s clients will expand the customer offering, as well as generate user loyalty through a range of enhanced app functionality.