American online food-ordering firm GrubHub has chosen Venmo to offer payment services to food orders placed with the company.

Owned by PayPal Holdings, Venmo is a mobile payment services app currently offering services millions of retailers and individuals.

Customers who order food through Grubhub and its online food ordering brands Seamless and Eat24 can now pay using Venmo balance and bank accounts or debit cards linked to it.

Grubhub chief product officer Sam Hall said: “More than sixty percent of our orders are placed on mobile devices, so we always look for ways to make it easier for diners to find, order and pay for the food they want, when and where they want it.

“We’re thrilled to bring Venmo as a payment to our diners, offering another popular and trusted way to pay for meals. Adding the ‘split the bill’ feature provides an additional level of convenience our diners have come to expect from us.”

The payment services firm enabling diners to split the bill of group food orders, if the group has Venmo app installed on their mobiles.

Venmo chief operating officer Mike Vaughan said: “Venmo was founded to provide people with an easier way to make and share payments with friends and family.

“We’re excited to further our longstanding partnership with Grubhub through this integration and given so many food-related payments occur on Venmo each day, it brings the social payment experience our customers love to the mobile buying experiences we know they already enjoy.”

Grubhub is currently working with more than 80,000 restaurant partners in 1,600 US cities and London.

Brands owned by the online food ordering firm include AllMenus, MenuPages, Seamless and Eat24.