ItsaCheckmate has expanded its collaboration with online food delivery marketplace GrubHub.

As part of the collaboration, ItsaCheckmate, which helps restaurants streamline digital orders and menus, added Grubhub to its line of digital ordering platforms. This will enable restaurant staff to handle Grubhub menus and orders from a single platform.

The move is expected to minimise order errors, as well as reduce time and labour costs.

ItsaCheckmate CEO and founder Vishal Agarwal said: “We’re excited about our enhanced integration with Grubhub, making it easier than ever for restaurants to streamline their menus and orders directly within their existing point of sale (POS) systems.”

ItsaCheckmate eliminates the need for restaurateurs to manually enter orders from a tablet into their POS system.

The platform enables restaurants to manage digital menus directly from their POS and automatically ingest online orders. It also reflects menu changes on ordering platforms, such as Grubhub, almost instantaneously.

Commenting on the deal, Grubhub restaurant integration partnerships director Steven Delzell said: “With this integration, restaurants can spend more time focusing on delivering a better 360° customer experience, knowing that any menu changes or updates that are made will be reflected quickly and accurately on their Grubhub managed channels.”

ItsaCheckmate has more than 75 integrated restaurant ordering platforms, including Uber Eats and DoorDash. The firm counts Arby’s, Five Guys and Buffalo Wild Wings among its global restaurant clients, which number more than 10,000.

In October 2020, US multi-brand restaurant company Inspire Brands invested in ItsaCheckmate as part of the latter’s Series A financing round.