American fast casual restaurant chain Just Salad has partnered with energy management outsourcing company Budderfly to reduce its carbon footprint.

Under the contract, Budderfly will work to implement energy efficiency upgrades at three Just Salad pilot locations in New York City.

The move is expected to help in reducing energy usage at the three stores and decrease emissions by 91.2 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent annually.

As agreed, Budderfly will provide the capital to install, maintain and monitor the energy efficiency solutions for lighting, HVAC and refrigeration.

Budderfly founder and CEO Al Subbloie said: “We don’t believe businesses should have to spend their own money to go green and save.

“By providing 100% of the capital, managing all of the technology, and guaranteeing the results, Budderfly ensures that our customers enjoy all the benefits with none of the risk and hassle, and we’re excited to do that for Just Salad.”

The step is aligned with Just Salad’s sustainability goals. The restaurant chain has already initiated measures to reduce food and plastic waste, and offer plant-based, low-emissions menu items.

Just Salad founder and CEO Nick Kenner said: “This is a financial and environmental win-win that reflects Just Salad’s commitment to operationalising sustainability at scale.

“We are excited to install state-of-the-art energy efficiency solutions in our stores that will reduce unnecessary costs and wasted energy.”

Founded in 2006, Just Salad is a fast-casual concept that serves salads, wraps, smoothies, soups and grain bowls among others.

The company operates around 50 locations in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Dubai.