US-based The Lange Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against family sports pub franchise Beef O’Brady’s on behalf of a person diagnosed with an E coli infection and hospitalised in Florida.

According to the law firm, the Texas resident allegedly consumed romaine lettuce at a Beef O’Brady’s location in Florida.

The lawsuit is handled by food safety lawyer Jory Lange, who reportedly received several calls across the country from families, who became ill after eating romaine lettuce.

Lange said: “This is the third E coli outbreak from romaine lettuce or leafy greens in the last 12 months. We’ve received calls from a number of people who were hospitalised after eating romaine lettuce.

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“We’ve received calls from a number of people who were hospitalised after eating romaine lettuce.”

“If you have any romaine lettuce grown in California in your home, the CDC and FDA recommend that you throw it out and not eat it.”

The law firm noted that the FDA is conducting an investigation to identify the source of the romaine lettuce, as well as working with several states to conduct laboratory analysis of romaine lettuce samples linked to the current outbreak.

Earlier this week, CDC issued a statement that advised retailers and restaurants not to serve or sell any romaine lettuce sourced from the growing regions of northern and central California. It also urged people not to consume it.

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The law firm also stated that people who are infected with E coli from romaine lettuce are entitled to compensation for their condition.

Beef O’Brady’s has yet to make a statement in response to the allegations.