Fast food chain McDonald’s has issued an alert stating that buns and English breakfast muffins have come in contact with traces of nuts and peanuts in some restaurants in the UK.

The company has issued the alert through Anaphylaxis Campaign, a charity supporting people with severe allergies.

In addition, the restaurant chain displayed posters in affected restaurants at the front counter, on self-order screens, at drive-thru locations, on the click & collect, and Ubereats McDelivery apps.

McDonald’s in a statement to The Independent said: “We have been made aware that traces of nuts and peanut may have entered our supply chain and come into contact with the buns and English breakfast muffins served in some of our restaurants.

“This is a temporary issue which we are working to rectify as quickly as possible, and not a permanent change to our buns.

“The health and safety of our customers is our absolute priority and we have already introduced clear signposting in the restaurants affected at the front counter, on self-order screens, at drive-thru and on the click & collect and UberEats McDelivery apps.”

The company also announced that it is a temporary issue and would communicate to customers   when resolved.

Last month, the fast food chain has reported a 9% decline in total revenues of $5.13bn for the first quarter ending 31 March 2018, compared to $5.67bn for the same period last year.

McDonald’s currently operates 37,000 locations, 90% of which independently owned and operated, in over 100 countries.