McDonald’s Japan has decided to switch to paper straws and wooden utensils across the country’s restaurant outlets to reduce plastic pollution.

Beginning on Friday, the fast food restraint chain will stop offering plastic straws and cutlery to customers, NHK WORLD – JAPAN reported.

As part of this initiative, McDonald’s will introduce tableware made of paper or wood at nearly 2,900 restaurant locations across Japan.

The initiative is expected to help the restaurant company cut 900t of plastic usage, according to Nikkei Asia.

Additionally, MOS Food Services, another Japanese fast-food restaurant company and a competitor of McDonald’s Japan, has also decided to offer takeout spoons and forks produced using plant-derived biomass plastic.

In April, the Japanese Government directed businesses that currently provide large amounts of plastic products for free to minimise their plastic usage.

In another development, McDonald’s Corporation has announced the appointment of Kareem Daniel as an independent Director of the Board.

Daniel served as the Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution chairman at The Walt Disney Company and has been selected by the McDonald’s Corporation Board of Directors as the independent director starting from 1 October.

McDonald’s president and CEO Chris Kempczinski said: “I’m delighted to welcome Kareem to the McDonald’s Board of Directors.

“His unparalleled consumer insight and deep experience creating innovative and immersive experiences for customers at one of the world’s most iconic consumer companies will greatly benefit McDonald’s as we build deeper connections with our customers.”

Prior to joining The Walt Disney Company, Daniel worked in equity research and investment banking at Goldman Sachs.