US-based fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s has reported systemwide sales growth of 21% to $112.5bn for the full year 2021.

During the fourth quarter (Q4), the company’s sales increased 12.3% (10.8% on a two-year basis), which reflected positive comparable sales across all segments.

In the US, McDonald’s sales increased by 7.5%, and a growth of 16.8% was registered in the International Operated Markets segment while the International Developmental Licensed Markets segment was up by 14.2%.

Consolidated revenues increased 13% during the quarter.

McDonald’s diluted earnings per share was $2.18 in Q4 2021, representing an increase of 18%.

The restaurant company’s consolidated operating income rose by 12%.

For the full year, McDonald’s global comparable sales increased by 17%.

In the US, sales rose 13.8%, while the International Operated Markets segment and the International Developmental Licensed Markets segment reported 21.6% and 16.6% increase, respectively.

In 2021, McDonald’s consolidated revenues were up by 21%, and consolidated income grew by 41% to $10.4bn.

The diluted earnings per share in 2021 were $10.04, representing an increase of 59%.

In 2021, cash provided by operations was $9.1bn, and free cash flow was $7.1bn, a 54% increase from the previous year.

McDonald’s president and CEO Chris Kempczinski said: “While 2021 was a year of continued challenges around the world, the McDonald’s System came together with unparalleled dedication and delivered truly exceptional performance.

“We enter this new year with a clear focus on creating seamless and memorable customer experiences and harnessing our momentum to drive long-term, sustainable growth for all of our stakeholders.”