Uber and McDonald’s have partnered to launch their food delivery service, McDelivery with UberEATS, at 11 locations of Vancouver, Canada.

The delivery service is currently available in more than 340 restaurants across Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area.

McDonald’s franchisee Andy Bates said: “McDelivery is another exciting and important step in our guest experience evolution, enabling greater convenience and choice to our guests in enjoying their McDonald’s favourites.

“The service is easy to use and fast, and the early feedback shows our guests love this new experience.”

McDonald’s consumers can order their favourites such as the Big Mac sandwich, Chicken McNuggets and World Famous Fries except soft serve cones, through UberEATS app for the same price as available at the local restaurants. Customers, however, will be charged a deliver fee by UberEATS for their each order.

The delivery excludes coupons, mobile offers and promotional offers.

UberEATS Canada general manager Dan Park said: “With UberEATS, you can get the food you want, where you want it, delivered at Uber speed. We’re thrilled to partner with McDonald’s to give fans in Vancouver easy access to their McDonald’s favourites at the tap of a button.

“McDonald’s is one of the most searched restaurants in the UberEATS app, so we’re excited to expand our reach and deliver what they’ve been craving.”

The first McDonald opened in 1967 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited employs approximately 90,000 people and 85% of its 1,400 Canadian restaurants are owned and operated by independent entrepreneurs.

Launched globally in Toronto in 2015 by Uber, the UberEATS app is available in more than 100 cities across the world.