Arkansas restaurant brand Minute Man Burgers is set to introduce a new safety and security concept called SmartSpace at its Jacksonville location to innovate measures for protecting diners and improving the dining experience.

The Jacksonville branch is scheduled to open next year with exact dates yet to be announced.

The latest move comes as the brand focuses on providing maximum safety for customers and teammates amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the restaurant will become the first in the US to offer its employees trauma insurance free of charge in case they contract Covid-19.

Minute Man president Perry Smith said: “Minute Man leadership is taking the bold step of opening a restaurant in the time of coronavirus. In recognition, we have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect our customers and staff alike.”

The SmartSpace concept is being introduced to protect personnel. It comes with safeguards, physical barriers and social distancing protocols.

The company has invested in multiple technologies to enhance SmartSpace’s effectiveness, including CASPR-devices for the HVAC System.

Minute Man has also partnered with the Society for Trauma Education and Empowered Recovery (STEER) to provide its employees with benefits, including Covid-19-focused trauma, counselling and wage protection free of charge.

It will secure and protect the jobs of the people involved.

Minute Man Jacksonville restaurant will serve charcoal-grilled burgers, rotisserie-chicken, fries, shakes and radar pies.

Minute Man chief operating officer Colonel (RET) Matthew Fritz said: “While every other restaurant out there had to ‘react’ to the pandemic, we had the opportunity to ‘bake-in’ a targeted solution and have created a SmartSpace to provide environmental and process controls that actively create a healthy and safe environment.

“What other restaurant is pumping in hospital-quality air with proven technology specifically designed to create a pro-active, anti-pathogen environment for their customers and employees?”