Canada-based mobile ordering platform Moduurn has introduced a cloud-based DIY mobile ordering and delivery solution for restaurants.

The new solution is designed to assist small and mid-sized businesses by enabling them to extend their brand to customers through a customisable mobile app, as well as offering valuable opportunities to increase customer engagement and drive sales.

The platform will also provide set of customisable technologies and solutions built to suit each customer-base.

Moduurn CEO Alex Cook said: “Keeping a flexible and adaptable mindset is paramount for the continuous improvement of our services, technology, and offerings.

“We empower our clients with a wide range of scalable solutions for their own branded application. We make it easy for them to increase their sales and build customer loyalty with our robust mobile ordering platform and associated marketing tools.

“It’s a thrill for us to see our vision making a real difference for these businesses. We help them to connect with their customers where and when they are demanding it.”

Moduurn’s chief growth office Jose Albis said: “Our customizable Moduurn mobile ordering app gives businesses full control of the set-up allowing them to add menu photos, replicate customer ordering workflows and ultimately improve customer service, sales and loyalty.

By allowing the business to utilize their brand throughout the entire customer experience, not only in the product and food but beyond – we provide a solution that helps future-proof their business.”

In addition, the platform allows restaurant owners to offer a cost-effective solution for clients, staff, and managers.

They can also seamlessly integrate the platform with existing POS systems as an add-on with minimal set-up and training time.

The company noted that the platform allows restaurants to reduce time from order to delivery with a customizable app.

Moduurn is currently working with various businesses across British Columbia, Canada and the US to create customisable, branded mobile ordering apps.