Design and print company MustHaveMenus has updated its flagship product to MustHaveMenus v3 to enable restaurants design menus and marketing materials easily.

By combining easy-to-use design, instant social media sharing, and quality restaurant templates, the new application will give control to restaurateurs across all of their design and marketing efforts.

The latest version of the software gives free access to a completely overhauled library of professional menus and marketing templates that are specifically created for restaurants.

Users can browse the library and import text from one template to the next and resize from a dine-in menu to a takeaway menu with just a few clicks.

Additionally, with the help of the new editing tool, users can drag photos into place, format complete menu sections at a time, and try new layouts instantly.

MustHaveMenus CEO Jim Williams said: “In 2020, restaurants need to find more ways to get noticed and stay competitive. They need strong branding across their menus and marketing.

“MustHaveMenus has always helped restaurant businesses stand out, but with our latest release, we’ve taken it to the next level. Great design and marketing has never been so easy and affordable, regardless of your skill level.”

Furthermore, MustHaveMenus includes a free account plan that offers unlimited access to templates and design features, professional printing, and social media marketing.

Huckleberry’s Pub owner John Clarke said: “The new version of the software makes it easier than ever for me to design menus.

“I contacted customer service, found out the parameters, and within two hours, I had laid out a five-page menu. It really is ‘that easy’ to use.”