Fast food restaurant company Nathan’s Famous has partnered with Let us Nudge, a restaurant technology solution provider, to boost sales using campaign management and targeted coupons.

The New York hot dog brand will pilot the tech company’s Nudge@Home platform across 15 of its restaurants in the US.

Let us Nudge’s technology offers table seating efficiencies. During slow times, the platform enables restaurants to offer incentives to attract more customers.

The technology helps to optimise restaurant traffic and frequency by gently nudging customers during busy times to facilitate table turnover with incentives.

Nathan’s Famous marketing vice-president Phil McCann said: “At Nathan’s Famous, we are always seeking partners with innovative technology that enables us to offer our customers and franchisees the best experience possible.

“We are excited to move forward with the pilot programme with Let us Nudge. This programme will not only incentivise our guests to visit our restaurants via targeted, ‘smart’ couponing, but importantly we will gain valuable analytics on guest preferences.”

Let us Nudge currently serves a wide range of restaurants, including large franchise chains, fine-dining and small family-owned restaurants.

Let us Nudge founder Rehan Khanzada said: “We are thrilled to partner with Nathan’s Famous, an iconic brand synonymous with American tradition and the flavour of New York.

“We feel our partnership with Nathan’s Famous, through our Nudge@Home platform, will help other quick-service restaurants shape customer behaviour by optimising restaurant traffic and frequency, increasing customer satisfaction, and building customer loyalty.”