US-based National Restaurant Association, a business association, representing restaurants, has sought federal assistance to support the industry recovery.

The association has sent the Blueprint for Restaurant Revival to the US Congress, outlining the actions that the federal government may undertake to stabilise the sector in the short term and support its long-term recovery.

National Restaurant Association Public Affairs executive vice-president Sean Kennedy said: “In just the past two weeks, state and local government mandates have shut down almost 100,000 restaurants.

“Since the restaurant industry was first shuttered, the National Restaurant Association and our State Restaurant Association partners have led the call at the federal, state and local level for policies that will allow us not to profit, but simply to survive this pandemic.

“Despite losing more jobs and revenue than any other industry in this country, Congress has chosen not to advance a recovery package that is tailored for the unique challenges of a restaurant on the cusp of bankruptcy.”

Primarily, the National Restaurant Association urged the government to create a targeted Restaurant Recovery Fund to enable the restaurants to resume operations.

The blueprint also underlines the need to prioritise food and agriculture employees for testing and receipt of a Covid-19 vaccine to ensure stability in the food ecosystem.

Additionally, the proposals include introducing a funding programme to help restaurants provide food to the poorer and at-risk population.

Kennedy added: “We are looking to congress not only for support for our short-term survival but to create a long-term framework that sustains our role as a key part of the food supply chain for the millions of families that rely on us for nourishment.”

In April, the National Restaurant Association said that the US restaurant industry lost two-thirds of its workforce due to the impact of Covid-19.