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US-based pizza restaurant chain Papa John’s International has suspended all its corporate operations in Russia.

It has stopped providing operational, marketing and business support as well as ceasing its engagement in the country.

The firm noted that all Papa John’s restaurants in Russia are owned by independent franchisees and a master franchisee, which manages operations and offers supplies for restaurants through its own supply chain.

Papa John’s International is currently not receiving royalties from the 188 franchised outlets in the country.

Papa John’s International is also reviewing whether it needs to take a one-time asset impairment charge associated with the loans of approximately $15m that it provided to the master franchisee, reported Bloomberg.

In a statement, Papa John’s International said: “Papa John’s stands with much of the globe in condemning aggression and violence.

“We hope for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, which today is hurting millions of innocent people, who are losing their homes, communities and people they love.

“Papa John’s is committed to providing aid to those in the greatest need. We are actively supporting humanitarian efforts through financial contributions, as well as by donating dry goods and ingredients to feed refugees in Eastern Europe through our partnership with World Central Kitchen.”

With this move, Papa John’s International has joined other fast-casual restaurant companies, such as McDonald’s and KFC parent company Yum! Brands, that have suspended their operations in Russia.

This week, McDonald’s noted that it would temporarily close its restaurants and operations in Russia while Yum! Brands announced the suspension of operations for company-owned KFC restaurants as well as the aim to complete an agreement for halting the operations of all its Pizza Hut restaurants in the country.