US-based provider of point-of-sale (POS) software ParTech has partnered with multi-sensor drive-thru management solution company Techknow to provide drive-thru timers and wireless communication systems to quick-serve (QSR) and fast casual restaurants.

Using multiple sensors, Techknow timer solutions can not only track the time but also the progress of vehicles from several different lane configurations, which provides restaurant operators with flexibility and access to real-time business intelligence.

Along with several ways of vehicle detection, a long lifespan and ParTech’s service team, the drive-thru package provides QSRs and fast casual restaurants with a competitive edge.

Techknow’s enterprise operating statistics software, remote monitoring HelpDesk platform and real-time ranking system Techknow Challenge form an integral aspect of ParTech’s comprehensive drive-thru solution.

Techknow CEO Richard Elliott said: “We are pleased to be working with ParTech as they continue to expand their portfolio in support of the QSR and fast casual markets.”

ParTech director of products, drive-thru Scott Marentay said: “At ParTech, our purpose is to help restaurants create meals and moments that elevate the guest experience, and a key component to this is gathering as much data as possible. We expect the drive-thru to evolve significantly in the coming years, and our partnership with Techknow is a step towards that evolution.

“Techknow is a mature product with an eye towards innovation. We believe that together, ParTech’s communications systems and Techknow’s drive-thru management system are a great foundation to build the drive-thru of the future.”

ParTech is a fully owned subsidiary of PAR Technology, while Techknow is a drive-thru management solution provider that uses drive-thru timer systems and analytical software to improve the operational performance of quick-service restaurants.

In September 2019, US-based fast-casual and full-service restaurant Gyroville deployed two new solutions from ParTech across its ten locations.